September 2, 2011

Lessons in Love Pt2, When did we turn off the road?

Love is the universal feeling that makes us "be" is our influence "by and for it" why do we let it die? Why is it declining?, There are always daily pressures, there are always demands in our lives, but it's fair to just wrap love in a whirlwind of routine and indifference? Is it fair not to use it or just use it less and less as support for our assessment on our own lives?

We don't have time to day dream, we live awake and without illusions, we don't have time to think, to live, we only survive the day because we know how to breathe.

I wonder how to expect to be loved when others do not love themselves? Or how could truly apply the love when its meaning is already confusing? How can you sell a doubt? How can you buy an infinite debt?

We have to live in love without restrictions, without fear, just so we can live fully and find the happiness that we are destined to find, without any complications.

To be loved you must first love, because everyone reaps what they sow.

There is no reason to deprive us of this sublime phenomenon, love, that feeling that moves us, drives us and makes us feel alive, we must not deny the possibility of experience, the only thing to consider is to true love, that one that cannot be bought and everyone struggles to find.

August 17, 2011

Lessons in Love, Pt 1

It's amazing that I've sat thinking and questioning what actually is love? And why do I ask myself? It's often so easy to know? Well that is exactly what I thought... That was simple, it was easy, it was such a tacit term the the answer was taken for granted, but then many questions and thoughts came to my mind.

Why if I know it, I cannot handle it nor bend it?, I started thinking about those who say it to you, do not show it or those who will demonstrate love and are unable to express it with words.

There are many theories that try to explain what love is, which is, based on what scientists say that is only a physiological consequence of segregation of chemicals in our brains, still others maintain that it is the product of our human condition that separates us from other living beings without consciousness.

We may never get to have a definition that satisfies all our expectations and that each and every one of us will firmly believe, but what we can be sure of is that love is one of our most important needs and one of the basic emotions that govern our lives, we consecrate our existence to the tireless pursuit of our other self, that soul to complement the puzzle of our existence.

Every day everyone of us is looking for different types of love... idealizing our fantasies and necessarily filling the gaps that only irreplaceable items of love can accomplish.

But as easy as it seems, in the course of this long and eternal journey in the search to fill spaces, to be loved, to love and apply the word in its wider links, we err again and again, we make mistakes, we hold on, we misuse it or simply for being so full of this "love", we let them misuse it unto us and instead of filling a void what we do is to empty the backup of love we had in reserve.

I will post the rest of this in the next post, so keep coming back for the rest of the story.

August 11, 2011

And.. What's an Opportunity

Somewhere I read that opportunity  "is like an open smile on an unknown face". I think an opportunity  is a "chance", a "profitable circumstance" just as we pay attention and stay alert to everything that what happens around us, what we win, what we lose or what we think we did not win is when we see them.

We also often see as an opportunity, everything that is in our convenience and close to us, we like and expect things to be given.

The opportunity is not a gift, a challenge is an "option", that you can see and take it or you can choose to shuffle the cards and come out on another play.

We often say "I'm at the bottom," I'm bad, I failed!, If only I had a break!

Well, she is always there, behind every bad moment, every misstep, every gray day, every time walking at the beat of your shadow, but you need to perceive it, feel it, and most important, and decide to take it [the opportunity] as a real and appropriate change in your life.

Not only in light of adversity we find an opportunity, also we can see them on a stage full of lights, but when we are at a difficult times is only where we pay the attention needed.

If you become unemployed, you are on lookout for job applications, if you lost something is when you are looking for, but you know when you can find better things? When You're always attentive because there will always be more opportunities, then you can choose and not have to simply accept all what's left.

As we can have a wide spectrum around us, is when we'll find many opportunities and consequently they are going to create new choices, and therefore we can choose better.

"You are not waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity is waiting to be seen by you".

But they are alternating, changing. While you are still in place, having missed so many and still sitting waiting to knock the door.

My advice? Search It!, When you see it, DO NOT LET GO! When you have it, value it You will not live forever, but you can tell what it takes to suffer trough it and change your mind only when is gone.

August 10, 2011

Pieces of Emotion

The emotion stems from the interpretation of a situation.
Any emotion (love, hate, anger, guilt, desire, rejection, emptiness) we refuse to admit and express the will live in an "anxiety."

Tell me what you complain about and I'll tell you what you do NOT want to change.

Watch your thoughts because your thoughts are your emotions and your emotions are your actions and your actions are your destiny.

- To make changes: from small steps, because they eliminate the resistance of the brain to take a new behavior.

Trying to pretend that we have no fear only gets worse.

Anxiety is the fear of being hurt or losing something, whether real or imagined, the feeling is the same.

If we do not experience the hurt and anger we must therefore ask why.

Shyness is a form of fear. And the fears can not be overcome by avoiding the situations that trigger it.

"We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are" Talmud.

Sometimes the best help is to let people address their problems themselves.

Writing about a particular issue is a very recommendable way to work it out.

The psychological fear is always something that could happen, not something that is happening now.

August 9, 2011

Who's the Real Fool

It is said that in an inner city, a group of people had fun with the "fool" the town, a poor man of low intelligence, who was living doing small errands and alms.
Every day some men called the "fool" to the bar where they met and offered a choice between two coins: a large one of  R$400 and a smaller but more valuable R$2000.
He always picked the big and least valuable one, which was a source of laughter for all.
One day, someone who watched the group play with the innocent man, called him aside and asked if he had not yet received the larger currency worth less and this answered, I know, I'm no fool. This one is worth five times less, but the day I choose the other, the little game will end and I will not get more of my money.
This story could end here, as a simple joke, but several conclusions:
First: Who looks silly, is not always true.
Second: What were the real fools in history?
The third: An ambition can cut your income. But the most interesting finding is that we can be good, even when others do not have a high opinion of ourselves. Therefore, what matters is not what you think of us, but what one thinks of himself. The true smart man is the one that seems "silly" in front of a "stupid" that appears to be smarter..

Mood Tips from Harvard University

Harvard University designed a course in happiness, thousands attended it and they claimed they have managed to change their mood.
Here are some tips to follow from this course, so you also learn simple techniques and very effective to make you happy, I assure you
2011 will have a positive and full of blessings.

  • TIP 1 - Practice some exercise (walking, going to the gym, yoga, swimming, etc.) Experts say that exercise is as good as an antidepressant to improve mood, 30 minutes of exercise is the best antidote to sadness and stress.

  • TIP 2  - Have Breakfast: Some people skip breakfast because they do not have time or do not want to get fat. Studies show that breakfast helps you improve your energy, way thinking and successfully perform your daily activities.

  • TIP 3 - Give thanks for your life and all the good that it has done to you: Write down 10 things in your life that give you happiness. When we make a gratitude list we are obliged to focus on good things.

  • TIP 4 - Be assertive: Ask for what you want and say what you think. It has been shown to be assertive helps improve your self-esteem. Being left in silence and endure everything you say and do, creates sadness and hopelessness.
  • TIP 5 - Spend your money EXPERIENCES not things!: A study found that 75% of people felt happier when they invested their money on travel, courses and classes, while only 34% said he was happiest when buying things.

  • TIP 6 - Face your challenges: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Studies show that the most neglected something you know you have to do, generate more anxiety and tension. Write small weekly lists of tasks to perform and keep them.

  • TIP 7 - Paste beautiful memories, quotes and photos of your loved ones everywhere. Fill your refrigerator, your computer, your desk, your room. YOUR LIFE beautiful memories.

  • TIP 8 - Always greet and be kind to others: More than a hundred researchers say just smile changes the mood.

  • TIP 9 - Use comfortable shoes that fit you: If your feet hurt you get angry, says Dr. Keinth Wapner, chairman of the American Orthopaedic Association.

  • TIP 10 - Watch your posture: Walking upright with shoulders back slightly and looked up at the front helps maintain a good mood.

  • TIP 11 - Listen to music: It is proven that music arouses you like singing and dancing, this is going to brighten your life.

  • TIP 12 - What you eat has a major impact on your mood. a) Eat a light snack every 3-4 hours keeps blood glucose levels stable, do not skip meals. b) Avoid too much white flour and sugar. c) EAT Everything! d) Vary your food
  • TIP 13 - Feel Pretty 41% of people say they are happier when they think they look good! Dress up and wear pretty clothes!