September 2, 2011

Lessons in Love Pt2, When did we turn off the road?

Love is the universal feeling that makes us "be" is our influence "by and for it" why do we let it die? Why is it declining?, There are always daily pressures, there are always demands in our lives, but it's fair to just wrap love in a whirlwind of routine and indifference? Is it fair not to use it or just use it less and less as support for our assessment on our own lives?

We don't have time to day dream, we live awake and without illusions, we don't have time to think, to live, we only survive the day because we know how to breathe.

I wonder how to expect to be loved when others do not love themselves? Or how could truly apply the love when its meaning is already confusing? How can you sell a doubt? How can you buy an infinite debt?

We have to live in love without restrictions, without fear, just so we can live fully and find the happiness that we are destined to find, without any complications.

To be loved you must first love, because everyone reaps what they sow.

There is no reason to deprive us of this sublime phenomenon, love, that feeling that moves us, drives us and makes us feel alive, we must not deny the possibility of experience, the only thing to consider is to true love, that one that cannot be bought and everyone struggles to find.