August 17, 2011

Lessons in Love, Pt 1

It's amazing that I've sat thinking and questioning what actually is love? And why do I ask myself? It's often so easy to know? Well that is exactly what I thought... That was simple, it was easy, it was such a tacit term the the answer was taken for granted, but then many questions and thoughts came to my mind.

Why if I know it, I cannot handle it nor bend it?, I started thinking about those who say it to you, do not show it or those who will demonstrate love and are unable to express it with words.

There are many theories that try to explain what love is, which is, based on what scientists say that is only a physiological consequence of segregation of chemicals in our brains, still others maintain that it is the product of our human condition that separates us from other living beings without consciousness.

We may never get to have a definition that satisfies all our expectations and that each and every one of us will firmly believe, but what we can be sure of is that love is one of our most important needs and one of the basic emotions that govern our lives, we consecrate our existence to the tireless pursuit of our other self, that soul to complement the puzzle of our existence.

Every day everyone of us is looking for different types of love... idealizing our fantasies and necessarily filling the gaps that only irreplaceable items of love can accomplish.

But as easy as it seems, in the course of this long and eternal journey in the search to fill spaces, to be loved, to love and apply the word in its wider links, we err again and again, we make mistakes, we hold on, we misuse it or simply for being so full of this "love", we let them misuse it unto us and instead of filling a void what we do is to empty the backup of love we had in reserve.

I will post the rest of this in the next post, so keep coming back for the rest of the story.