August 10, 2011

Pieces of Emotion

The emotion stems from the interpretation of a situation.
Any emotion (love, hate, anger, guilt, desire, rejection, emptiness) we refuse to admit and express the will live in an "anxiety."

Tell me what you complain about and I'll tell you what you do NOT want to change.

Watch your thoughts because your thoughts are your emotions and your emotions are your actions and your actions are your destiny.

- To make changes: from small steps, because they eliminate the resistance of the brain to take a new behavior.

Trying to pretend that we have no fear only gets worse.

Anxiety is the fear of being hurt or losing something, whether real or imagined, the feeling is the same.

If we do not experience the hurt and anger we must therefore ask why.

Shyness is a form of fear. And the fears can not be overcome by avoiding the situations that trigger it.

"We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are" Talmud.

Sometimes the best help is to let people address their problems themselves.

Writing about a particular issue is a very recommendable way to work it out.

The psychological fear is always something that could happen, not something that is happening now.


  1. Chilling reading in parts but educational non the less. +followed

  2. "Shyness is a form of fear. And the fears can not be overcome by avoiding the situations that trigger it."

    too true. good advice

  3. Talmud's quote is very well said. Sometimes we as humans overlook that everyone gets depressed at one time or another, and we think that it's only us with a problem. It's sad, really.

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  5. not a fan of psychobabel but at least your blog seems inteligent


  6. I used to hide emotions, but now fuck it ,don't worry about show their, so sometimes people think that I have adhd syndrome : f